How To Make Pecan Candy

How To Make Pecan Candy – Gluten Free Easter Candy – Pictures Of Candy Land.

How To Make Pecan Candy

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  • A smooth brown nut with an edible kernel similar to a walnut
  • wood of a pecan tree
  • tree of southern United States and Mexico cultivated for its nuts
  • smooth brown oval nut of south central United States


  • a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
  • sugarcoat: coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze
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how to make pecan candy

how to make pecan candy – Crispie Sweets-

Crispie Sweets- Caramel, Pecans, & Chocolate Drizzle -Rice Krispie Treat – Makes a Great Gift!
Crispie Sweets- Caramel, Pecans, & Chocolate Drizzle -Rice Krispie Treat - Makes a Great Gift!
Made fresh to order! Smooth caramel and toasted pecans, all drizzled with rich chocolate. Need I say more? This is one good Crispie Sweet! Each of our delectable Crispie Sweets are handmade with the finest ingredients. We start off with crisp rice cereal, add a hint of the finest vanilla we could find, then we mix it all in with creamy, warm gooey marshmallows. And if that were not enough, we top it off with a generous coating of even more of the yummy marshmallow mix on top of the rice krispie treat! Then we put a heaping amount of the topping of your liking. Each Crispie Treat is a whopping 4″ in diameter- so big, you could share it with a friend (but you’re not going to want to!). Try’em chilled too- they make a great, cool summer treat! They make a wonderful idea for birthday parties, gifts, or any occasion!

Semi-Ho? Semi-DELICIOUS!

Semi-Ho?  Semi-DELICIOUS!
Some days you watch Semi-Homemade and laugh and laugh at how terrible it all is. Other days you watch in wonderment and awe as Sandra makes pecan candied bacon, and then after the show ends you think, "Wait, we have all those ingredients," and then leap up to make some post haste. Oh man, is pecan candied bacon good.

These are always a hit but shhhhh, don't tell anyone how easy they are.

These are always a hit but shhhhh, don't tell anyone how easy they are.
Place unwrapped Rollo candy onto bite size pretzel waffle. Put in oven at 325 for approximately 5 minutes, just to slightly soften. Remove from oven and place pecans or walnuts on top.